Katsuhiko Sasaki

Hokkaido University, Japan

Katsuhiko Sasaki received a Ph.D. degree of engineering in March 1989 from the Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Japan. He has been a Professor at the Division of Human Mechanical Systems and Design, Hokkaido University, Japan, since 2009. He won many awards including the Excellent Presented Paper in the Year from the Division of Materials and Processing, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering (JSME), in 2008; the Young Engineers Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering (JSME), in 1997; and the Best Paper from the Division of Electronic Packaging in ASME Winter Annual Meeting, in 1992. His current research and development activities include development of advanced composite materials used for CNTs for high thermal conductivity, deformation and fracture analysis for high-density electronic package, development of microstents using shape memory alloys (SMAs), safety evaluations of machines and piping of nuclear power subject to earthquake motion, and structural analysis considering crystal orientation combined with crystal plastic theory. His articles include “Time-independent and time-dependent inelastic strains analysis of lead-free solder by cyclic stepped ramp wave loading test,” “Investigation of effect of creep strain component on low cycle fatigue of lead-free solder by cyclic stepped ramp wave loading”, “Low cycle thermal fatigue of aluminum alloy cylinder head in consideration of changing metrology microstructure,” and “Strength of VGCF/Al composites for high thermal conductivity.”

Biography Updated on 16 January 2011

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