Osvalda Senneca

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy


Osvalda Senneca was born in Naples. She obtained a degree cum laude (27/1/1994) and a Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering (1998) from the University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy. Osvalda Senneca is a Senior Researcher with tenure of the Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione di Napoli of the National Council of Research, Italy, since 2007. Previously, she was Tenure Researcher at the same institution (2001-2007), Fellow of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II (1998-2001), Engineer in the Research and Development Division of Fiat Impresit Sistemi Ambientali(FISIA) (1994-1995). The expertise of Osvalda Senneca is the development of technologies of combustion of solid fuels and more in particular the analysis of the existing technologies and of the modifications required to comply to increasingly stricter regulations on emission as well as the design of new technologies with high energetic efficiency and low environmental impact. Her expertise covers a wide range of fuels, ranging from coal, industrial and civil refuses, biomass, and so on. More in detail the research activities of Osvalda Senneca are in the reactor design concepts and modelling of pyrolysis, combustion and gasification of solid fuels; kinetics of pyrolysis, combustion and gasification of coal, biomass and wastes; the effects of thermal annealing of carbons on their reactivity in combustion/gasification processes; thermal degradation of biomass and wastes; beneficiation of ashes from industrial boilers and other industrial residues; cigarette and tobacco smoke; and relation between chemicophysical properties and reactivity of solid fuels

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