Susanna Miettinen

University of Tampere, Finland


Susanna Miettinen, holder of a Ph.D. degree, is an Associate Professor of cell and tissue engineering at the University of Tampere, BioMediTech Institute, and the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences. She has published more than 100 research papers in the fields of cell biology, stem cells, and tissue engineering. The goal of her research projects is to increase knowledge on cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling stem cell behavior and differentiation and to use this knowledge to develop tissue engineered products for clinical use and as in vitro models. To reach these goals, her group utilizes both in vitro studies and animal models. Research interests include bone and adipose tissue engineering, regeneration of epithelial tissues, and biomaterial studies (e.g., bioactive glass, tricalcium phosphate, synthetic polymers, composites, and hydrogels). Formation of vasculature is also extensively studied as well as different methods to guide mesenchymal stem cell differentiation, for example, chemical, mechanical, and electrical stimulation. In addition, the regulation of mesenchymal stem cells immunologic properties is currently investigated and animal-component-free workflows for clinical use are being developed.

Biography Updated on 2 May 2018

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