Vincenzo Petrone

Nano_Mates Centre, Univ. Salerno - Italy, Italy


Vincenzo Petrone obtained his M.S. degree cum laude (with outstanding honors) from the Salerno University, Salerno, Italy, with a research thesis in tribology on the characterization of lubricants with the addition of innovative nanoadditive. Petrone is a Researcher at the Centre for Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, Salerno, Italy, and he is a Ph.D. degree student in mechanical engineering at the Salerno University, Salerno, Italy, with a focus on tribology and automotive fields. After his graduation, Petrone began a research collaboration, which is still ongoing, as a Research Fellow, with the NanoMates Center, Salerno University. He is, moreover, involved in the AddNano project whose purpose is the development and scale‐up of the innovative nanotechnology‐based process into the value chain of the lubricants market. The objective of the project is to overcome the technological barriers involved in the development of large‐scale market introduction of a new generation of lubricants incorporating nanomaterials. Petrone has also worked for 6 months (from September 2012 until March 2013) at the Tribology and Interface Nanotechnology Center, Ljubljana, Slovenia, as a Visiting Researcher. His topic during this experience focused on engineering tribochemistry and interfaces with a focus on the internal combustion engine and finite‐element analysis of the mechanical and structural properties of nanoparticles used to improve the tribological behavior of automotive lubricants and greases.

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