Jose Neira

Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, Spain


Jose Neira is a Doctor in chemistry (1993) and currently holds a physical chemistry professorship from the University Miguel Hernandez (Alicante, Spain). His main interests involve (i) the resolution of three-dimensional protein structures (and their complexes with other biomolecules) by NMR; (ii) studies of protein stability and folding described by using several biophysical techniques (namely, CD, fluorescence, chromatography, NMR, DSC, and FTIR); (iii) protein-macromolecule (nucleic acids, protein, or lipids) interactions, described and characterized by using the above-mentioned biophysical techniques (or others, such as ITC, gel filtration chromatography). Thus, his areas of expertise are protein folding, protein stability, protein structure, NMR, spectroscopy, fluorescence, circular dichroism, protein interactions, and calorimetry/thermal stability. His group also has collaborations with other Spanish and European groups interested either in resolving the three-dimensional structure of their own proteins, or involved in the elucidation of the stability and folding mechanisms of those proteins. In all cases, the proteins studied have biotechnological or medical applications. His group have 5 structures deposited in the PDB and 5 proteins in DisPro, the protein data bank of natively unfolded proteins.

Biography Updated on 24 January 2012

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