Michele P. Elia

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Michele P. Elia received his degree in electrical engineering from Turin Polytechnic, Turin, Italy, in 1970. Since 1990, he has been Professor of information theory and coding at the Electronics Department, Turin Polytechnic. His early research activity concerned group codes, namely, regular constellations of points that span n-dimensional Euclidean spaces and are preserved by the action of a finite group of matrices. For these group codes he obtained nontrivial existence conditions (either necessary or sufficient) linking space dimension to code cardinality. He has proposed an algebraic decoding for the Golay code which has also been used to decode other cyclic codes beyond the BCH bound. He also worked, at Turin Polytechnic, to develop a large simulation package for communication systems. At present, he is involved in research concerning algebraic number theory and the complexity of algorithms, which may find applications in cryptography and in the algebraic decoding of error-correcting codes. He is author of numerous technical papers and serves as Referee for many scientific and professional journals. He is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Discrete Mathematical Science and Cryptography and of the Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice. He served as Chairman of two Italian Conferences on Cryptography and was an Active Member of the technical committee of several International Conferences, in the scientific area of communications engineering and in that of pure mathematics.

Biography Updated on 17 January 2011

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