Saw-See Hong

INSERM, University of Lyon, France


Degrees B.Sc. (First class Honours) Microbiology, National University of Singapore (1986). Ph.D. (Virology), National University of Singapore (1989). Habilitation to Direct Research (HDR), Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Lyon (2005). Professional Positions Research Assistant, Dept. of R&D, Diagnostic Biotechnology, Singapore Science Park (1989) Research Fellow, Dept. of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medecine, National University of Singapore (1991-1993) Research Fellow, Dept. of Molecular Virology, CNRS UMR 5812, University of Montpellier, France (1993-1998) INSERM Research Associate, Dept of Virology and Human Pathology, CNRS UMR 5537, University of Lyon, France (1999-2010) Present Position INSERM Senior Research Associate, Unit of Retrovirus and Comparative Pathology, UMR 754 INRA-EPHE-HCL, University of Lyon, France. Areas of research My research revolves around two different viruses, the Adenovirus (Ad) and Retrovirus, covering two different but complementary aspects, (i) fundamental virology on the structure, function and assembly of viral capsid proteins and virus-host interactions, and (ii) the applications of these viruses as vectors for gene transfer and vaccination. Adenovirology We are interested in (i) the role of scaffold protein(s) in the process of virus assembly and (iii) the designed of novel cell-targeted vectors for clinical applications. Retrovirology Our research includes (i) the study of the mechanisms of retroviral assembly and integration, (ii) design of inhibitors which block retroviral assembly and integration, and (iii) design of retroviral-like particles (VLP) as vaccine plateforms.

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