Zdirad Žák

Masaryk University, Czech Republic


Theses and Degrees 1963 : Study of properties of Sulfanurchloride. J.E.Purkyne University, Brno. Diploma theses for the degree prom.chem. 1968 : Selenium Trioxide as a Selenonation Agens. J.E.Purkyne University, Brno. RNDr. theses 1970 : A focusing Diffraction Camera Study of the System ZnSe/CdSe. Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, MSc, theses 1977 : UNIBOX Program System for the Solution of Crystal Structures for Tesla 200 Computer. VUT Brno, postgraduate theses 1982 : Crystal Structures of Some Inorganic Compounds. CSc. theses 1990 : Crystal Structures of Some Compounds of Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Selenium. Masaryk University, Brno. Habilitation theses, docent 1995 : Appointment as the professor of inorganic chemistry 2007: Professor emeritus, Masaryk University

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