Celina Janion

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Celina Janion was born in Warsaw, Poland. She received her M.S. degree in biochemistry at the Lódz University at the Mathematical Biology Department. She received her Ph.D. degree under the supervision of professor David Shugar and the Habilitation from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, in 1969. Janion was nominated as extraordinary Professor in biological Science in 1987 and 1889. She worked in laboratories in the USA, with Ernest Borek (Denver, Colorado) and Michel Laskowski, Sr. (Buffalo, N.Y.) and in Europe, with Soren Lovtrup (University of Goterborg, Sweden), Karl-Heinz Scheit, in Max Planck-Institute in Gettingen, Germany, Barry.W. Glickman (State University at Leiden, The Netherlands), and (for a short period) with Bryn A. Bridges (Sussex University, England). Dr. Janion’s main interest was in the nucleic acids. She worked on physical chemistry of nucleic acids, on the metabolism and reactivity of DNA and RNA with a variety of mutagens as well as on enzymology and mechanisms of DNA mutagenesis. Recently, she has concentrated on genotoxicity, mutagenesis, and prevention of mutations by systems that are induced in E.coli. She has devoted special attention for the AlkB protein, which is synthesized in cells in response to treatment with alkilating agents.

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