Michel Droz

University of Geneva, Switzerland


Michel Droz got his Ph.D. degree in 1972 from the University of Geneva while working on many-body problems. He then spent 2 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cornell University, USA, and one year as a Research Associate at the Temple University, Philadelphia, Pa, USA, working on critical phenomena and renormalization group. He then returned to the Department of Theoretical Physics of the University of Geneva. Dr. Droz retired as “Professeur Titulaire” in 2009 since he is continuing his research in the same department. He has been working mainly on equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical physics and particularly in the following subjects: renormalization group approach for equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems, critical dynamics, cellular automata modeling of physical systems, reaction-diffusion systems, pattern formation (Liesegang phenomena) in reaction-diffusion systems, study of ballistic annihilation models, problems of granular matter, 1/f noise and extreme values statistics, synchronization for dynamical systems, hydrodynamics for self-propelled particles, generalized fluctuation-dissipation relations, study of food-wed models, and cooperation in prisoner's dilemma-like models, complex population dynamics, and plants dynamics.

Biography Updated on 27 January 2013

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