Nikša Krstulović

Institute of Physics, Croatia


Curriculum Vitae Name and surname: Nikša Krstulovic Academic title: Dr. Sc. Year and institution of PhD obtained: 2010, Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia Current positions 01.06. 2004.- (permanent position since 13.2.2012.) at Institute of Physics, Croatia Current position: Research Associate Work field: Atomic, molecular and plasma physics 01.02. 2011.- 31.1.2013 Institution: University College Dublin, Postdoc position Work field: EUV and XUV spectroscopy Areas of expertise Laser Produced Plasmas (LPP) and Radio-Frequency Inductively Coupled Plasmas (RF-ICP) and following applications. Detection and characterization techniques: Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, X-ray reflectivity, SEM Topics of interest: temporal and spatial plasma content monitoring, plasma temperature calculations, plasma dynamics determinations, collisional and radiative processes in plasmas, production of new molecules and radicals in plasmas, production of nanoparticles via condensation in plasmas or by direct laser ablation, development of LPP as sources of light for EUV/XUV photolithography, LPP as a medium for high harmonics generation as coherent source of ultrashort sub-fs EUV/XUV pulses, laser drilling and micromachining, nanoparticles production by under water laser ablation, pulsed laser deposition, nanoparticle surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

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