Robin L. Maser

University of Kansas Medical Center, USA

Robin L. Maser obtained his Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and molecular biology and is currently working as an Assistant Professor of clinical laboratory sciences. The research in his lab revolves around understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of polycystic kidney disease (PKD). In particular, he is interested in the structure-function relationships of polycystin-1, the protein product of the gene most commonly mutated in PKD, and the contribution of dysregulated redox homeostasis to the initiation and progression of PKD. Part of his effort is directed at extending studies of the membrane topology and topogenesis of polycystin-1 to determine how disease-related mutations within or near transmembrane domains of polycystin-1 affect its membrane topology, subcellular localization, and signaling functions. Another portion of our research effort is aimed at understanding the mechanisms by which antioxidant gene expression is regulated in renal epithelial cells, including the role of polycystin-1 in activation of antioxidant-response-element- (ARE-) regulated gene expression, and the role that reduced antioxidant protection plays in PKD-associated cell proliferation and apoptosis. In collaborative studies, my lab has been involved in analyzing the signaling mechanisms initiated by polycystin-1, demonstrating the role of CFTR in cAMP-mediated fluid secretion, and in providing the first evidence for the efficacy of arginine vasopression receptor antagonists as therapeutic agents in PKD.

Biography Updated on 27 August 2012

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