Manuel Osvaldo Cáceres

Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica, Argentina


After my PhD in anomalous transport (presented in 1986 at the Instituto Balseiro) I made Post-Doc stays in Spain, Germany, and Belgium, from which I got new trends in statistical mechanics. In 2005 I got an associated position at the ICTP, Trieste, this fact was a concrete possibility to collaborate with my country on the science of education and to teach the new trends in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. In 2005 I started studying granular matter experiments, and non-equilibrium thermodynamics on complex materials. Ending with a novel description for the fluidization of vibrated granular matter and concluding with a non-Brownian description for the cooperative movement in externally driven granular matter systems in a high acceleration set up. Since I return to Argentina, I have been involved in the education of young scientists ending with many PhD students who have given important contributions in subjects like: anomalous transport in solid state physics, diffusion-advection in random fluids, pattern formation, Rayleigh-Bénard experiments, stochastic phenomenology, quantum dissipation, and theory of extreme densities. I have published more than a hundred of papers, several reviews, and published in 2003 a text book on non-equilibrium statistical mechanics in random media, at Reverte S.A., Barcelona. Prof. Dr. M. O. Caceres was born in 1954, since 1997 is a Full Professor at the Instituto Balseiro, Univ. Nac. Cuyo, Argentina. Was head of the Statistical Division at the Centro Atomico Bariloche, Argentina and visiting professor in many Labs in Europa, Asia, and Latin America. Since 1994 is Senior Research at the Centro Atómico Bariloche, CNEA, Argentina, and since 2004 “Principal” at the Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Científica y Técnicas, CONICET.

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