Shunsuke Hashimoto

Toyota Central R & D Labs., Inc., Japan

Shunsuke Hashimoto is a Doctor of engineering, and he has about 8 years of research experience in the area of chemical engineering. His former main research subject is physical chemistry such as thermodynamic property of clathrate hydrates. Recently, he has started the research on fluid dynamics and transport phenomena such as fluid chaotic mixing. Hashimoto has received the Ph.D. degree in thermodynamic properties of mixed-gas hydrates at high pressures in March, 2008. Then, he has been adopted as an Assistant Professor of chemical engineering at Osaka University, Japan. Now, his researches have been focused on the mechanism of chaotic mixing in stirred tank and thermodynamic properties of mixed hydrogen hydrates for hydrogen storage using gas hydrates. Studies have been focused also on chaotic mixing, micromixing, nonlinear dynamics, transport property of hydrate slurries, and hydrogen occupancy in gas hydrates. Since 2005, Hashimoto has been actively involved in investigating the thermodynamic stability of mixed hydrogen hydrates, and then he has succeeded in the discovery of assistant additives that enable in storing hydrogen molecule in hydrate cages at summer room temperatures. Recently, Hashimoto has been involved in the study of laminar mixing in impeller-agitated tank, and he has revealed the formation condition and geometric structure of toroidal isolated mixing region.

Biography Updated on 13 September 2012

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