Graziano Crasta

Università degli Studi di Roma, Italy


Graziano Crasta was born in Italy in 1967. He received a degree in physics from the University of Milan (Italy) in 1991 and the Ph.D. degree in mathematics from the International School for Advanced Studies of Trieste (Italy) in 1995. Since 2005, Crasta has been an Associate Professor in mathematics at the University of Rome La Sapienza. His main research interests are in the field of the analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, calculus of variations, and hyperbolic systems of conservation laws. His present research interests concern optimal transport problems and applications to granular matter theory and to the macroscopic electrodynamics of hard superconductors. He is the coauthor with A. Bressan and B. Piccoli of the monograph Well-Posedness of the Cauchy Problem for nxn Systems of Conservation Laws (Mem. AMS 2000) and of more than 30 scientific papers on international journals, which have received more than 200 citations on the MR Citations Database. He collaborated with several Italian and foreign mathematicians among which A. Bressan, P. Cannarsa, P. Cardaliaguet, P.G. LeFloch, and B. Piccoli.

Biography Updated on 23 November 2011

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