Ali Azhdarinia

The University of Texas, USA


Ali Azhdarinia received his B.S. degree in biology from the University of Houston, Houston, TX, USA, in 1999, followed by completion of the M.S. degree, in 2001, and the Ph.D. degree, in 2005, in pharmacology, both from the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Houston, TX, USA. Azhdarinia works as an Assistant Professor of molecular medicine at the Center for Molecular Imaging (CMI), University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX, USA. At the MD Anderson Cancer Center, his graduate research was in the area of bifunctional chelator design and radiotracer development for cancer imaging. Azhdarinia continued his research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and then completed a postdoctoral research fellowship on the automation of gallium‐68 labeled compounds. In 2006, he left academia to launch a private biotechnology company in Houston, where he served as a Director of radiopharmaceutical research and helped in developing the drug and device technologies. Azhdarinia returned to academia in 2009 and has been actively involved in molecular imaging applications which use nuclear and near‐infrared contrast for dual labeling. He collaborates with surgeons to develop intraoperative imaging strategies, oncologists to develop companion diagnostics, and nanotechnology groups to understand in vivo distribution patterns of novel nanomaterials. Azhdarinia is also developing novel chelation platforms which combine nuclear and fluorescent contrast agents into a single molecule and is performing comparative studies in cancer models. He is part of the NCI Network for Translation Research (NTR). Azhdarinia has coauthored several peer-reviewed and invited manuscripts and has served as a Reviewer for numerous journals.

Biography Updated on 26 December 2013

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