Runu Chakravarty

ICMR Virus Unit Kolkata , Indian Council of Medical Research New Delhi, India

Runu Chakravarty earned her B.S. degree in chemistry from the Presidency College University of Calcutta, an M.S. degree in biochemistry from the University of Calcutta and earned her Ph.D. degrees (biochemistry) from the University in 1984. Her current position at ICMR, Virus Unit, Kolkata, (Ministry of Health, Government of India) is Deputy Director and “Scientist E”. Dr. Chakravarty’ major research focus is the virological basis of chronic hepatitis B in humans, encompassing diagnosis, molecular epidemiology, pathogenesis, and antiviral resistance. Additional research interests include viral infections in relation to safety of blood donations and pathogenesis of viral hepatitis in HIV-positive individuals. She is active in the training of doctoral and postdoctoral fellows and has over 70 publications, book chapters, and abstracts. Determining the clinical stage and prognosis of chronic hepatitis B and identifying biomarkers for disease severity for patients with hepatitis B virus infection are major challenges in HBV infection. Her studies for the past several years on HBV variability in India, characterization of distinct genotypic distribution in eastern India an identification of a new subgenotype among them, its association with clinical outcomes, evolution and distinct role of X gene variability in different geoethnic populations, compartmentalization of HBV variants with the immune escape mutation, horizontal intrafamilial transmission of immune escape mutants, characterization of HBV variability among blood donors with occult HBV infection, detection of differential pattern of mutations, liver injury and occult HBV infection among subgenotypes of HBV genotype D, and so forth have underscored the importance of viral variability in HBV infection.

Biography Updated on 15 January 2012

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