Heiner Bubb

Lehrstuhl für Ergonomie, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany

Professor Heiner Bubb is full professor of insititue of Ergonomics at Technische Universität München. Professor Bubb has developed HUD-technologies for cars together with BMW, by which a safety distance can be indicated. A new eye tracking camera system was developed under his care, which now is used in several traffic research projects. He developed the so-called Active Control Element, which can be used to improve the control of machines, in this case haptical information serves as a feed-back. The application of this active control element is presently investigated for car steering in conjunction with several motor vehicle firms. For the Italian manufacturer POLTRONA FRAU he developed jointly with PORSCHE-DESIGN a resting chair, directing special attention to ergonomic demands. The most important development however was the soft-dummy RAMSIS. It was developed in co-operation with the German automobile industry and the software firm TECMATH. By his care the ergonomic basic research of this model was carried out. During this development a markerless method based on photographic pictures for body scanning and motion measurement was created (PCMAN).

Biography Updated on 16 April 2013

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