Paola Iannetti

University of Roma La Sapienza, Italy

Paola Iannetti holds an M.D. degree. She has done her work at the Pediatric Department of La Sapienza University. In 1980, she was appointed as an Associate Professor of pediatric neurology. In November 1989, she was appointed as an Associate Professor of pediatrics. In November 1996, she has been appointed a Full Professor of pediatric neurology and, since November 1999, a Full Professor of pediatrics and the Chief of Child Neurology Unit. She is also the Director of Postgraduate Course in Pediatrics, the Director of Ph.D. in pediatric neurology, and the Director of M.S. in pediatric neurology. She was the President of the Italian Pediatric Neurology Society for 10 years (1995–2005). Her principal researches include neonatology, infectious diseases and immunology, cardiovascular diseases, genetic, endocrinometabolic diseases, epilepsy, neurophysiological investigations, neurological complication in hematologic disorders, neuropsychology and behavior, ophthalmology, neural tube defects, malformation in cortical development, vascular diseases of central nervous system (CNS), neurodegenerative disorders of CNS, and immunology investigations in antiepileptic therapy. Over 100 of her works have been published in international journals (see PubMed for IF). She also coordinated as a Chief Researcher in the following topics: cytomegalovirus and epilepsy in childhood, development and function of central nervous system, virological, immunological, and neurotrasmettitorial study of CNS, central nervous system genetic study, pediatric oncoematology and gastroenterology, molecular genetic studies in neuronal migrational disorders, and craniofacial malformation and disorders of neuronal migration: clinical diagnostic and therapeutic study.

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