Anabela Cordeiro-Da-Silva

Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Anabela Cordeiro-Da-Silva received the Ph.D. degree at University of Porto, Porto, Portugal (1997). She is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Oporto, Portugal. She is the Head of Parasite Disease Group integrate in the Biology of Infection and Immunology in IBMC. Her main field of activities is vaccines and immune modulators: the Leishmania SIR2 family-related gene, functional studies, and evaluation of SIR2 recombinant DNA and knockout vaccine to protect against leishmaniasis; biological evaluation of new drug: Leishmania are trypanosomatid parasites responsible for several serious diseases of mankind, in tropical and subtropical areas of the world; the currently available drugs are not satisfactory; among the possibilities for drug development are the polyamine-containing compounds, such as the bis-benzyl (Bitoni et al., 1990; Edwards, 1991) and alkyl-substituted (Zou et al., 2001) polyamines that have shown potent action against parasitic agents, such as malaria and trypanosomatids; proteins and diagnosis: identification of molecule components as virulent factors and diagnosis markers.

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