Pietro Matricardi

Università di Roma, Italy


1989. Degree in Chemisty (Laurea) (110/110 magna cum laude). Dissertation on “Physico-chemical characterization of pectins”, University of Rome "La Sapienza". 1990 - 1993. PhD. in Chemistry. Final dissertation on “Polygalacturonic acid and esters derivatives: physico-chemical characterization of its dilute aqueous solutions and hydrogels”, University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Supervisor prof. Vittorio Crescenzi). 1993 – 1994. Lepetit SpA. Analytical development chemist. Development and validation of new analytical methods in the field of pharmaceutical formulations. 1994 - 2004. Professional Chemist - Italian Insurance Public Company for the Workers Compensation (INAIL). Industrial hygiene specialist. 2004 – Assistant Professor. Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy - University “La Sapienza”, Rome. • Physico-chemical characterization of polysaccharidic matrices in aqueous solutions and in the hydrogel phase. In particular: (a) scleroglucan and scleroglucan-borax; (b) alginate and calcium alginate hydrogel; (c) dextran and dextran methacrylate derivatives. The work is focused on the mechanism of the hydrogel formation and the interactions among the polymeric chains and small molecules in solution. A particular interest is recently devoted to the formation of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPN) and the characterization of the synergistic effects. • Innovative Drug Delivery Systems based on alginates, scleroglucan and destrans. New matrices (tablets, microspheres and hydrogels) are developed. The abilities of this new polymeric systems as drug carrier, including proteins, are tested in various acqueous media using model molecules. In particular IPNs based on alginate and dextran are tested for their properties as biocompatible matrices in the field tissue engineering. • Teaching. “Macromolecules of pharmaceutical interest” and “Safety in the laboratory”, at the Faculty of Farmacy, University of Rome "La Sapienza".

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