Krzysztof Pielichowski

Cracow University of Technology, Poland


Professor Krzysztof Pielichowski, head of Department of Chemistry and Technology of Polymers, Cracow University of Technology (Krakow, Poland) is an expert in polymer (nano)technology and chemistry, particularly in the area of polymer nanocomposites with engineering polymers and hybrid organic-inorganic materials. Special attention is dedicated to the assessment of nanocomposites impact on the environment at all stages: preparation, characterization and recycling. Prof. Pielichowski is currently performing a research programme in the area of preparation of engineering polymer nanocomposites with improved thermal and mechanical properties for construction applications. He is co-auhor (or editor) of four books and over 80 papers with an impact factor. Professor Pielichowski is editor of the book series titled “Modern Polymeric Materials for Environmental Applications”. He has been recipient of a number of international and national awards, such as Kosciuszko Foundation Award in 2000, Fulbright Fellowship Award in 2003 and the Rector of CUT Award in 2006 and 2010. He also has been a consultant or has cooperated with a number of industrial companies, including ABB, Rutgers and Grupa Azoty. He is also member of the Committee of Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Commission of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the Management Committee of the European Union COST Action MP1105 “Sustainable flame retardancy for textiles and related materials based on nanoparticles substituting conventional chemicals”. Professor Krzysztof Pielichowski has served as a reviewer of a number of project proposals and research papers over the last decade; he was supervisor of six Ph.D. thesis (completed) and four currently running.

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