Mariano Ferraresso

Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

Curriculum Vitae Prof. Mariano Ferraresso Prof. Ferraresso was born in Mariano Piove di Sacco (PD) on 21 August 1961. Educational training: 1986: Degree in Medicine - University of Padua (110/110), 1991: General Surgery Fellowship University of Padua (70/70 cum laudem ), 1996: Ph. D. in Experimental surgery and organ transplantation University of Milan, 1999: Microsurgery Fellowship (70/70 praise), 2000: Fellow of European College of transplantation, 2004: Master in medical communication. Professional training : 1989-1990: E.R. Attending 45th Field Hospital US army American Hospital-Vicenza, 1990-1993: Visiting assistant professor Division of immunology and organ transplantation University of Texas, Houston-Texas, 1993-1995: Attending Division of General surgery and kidney transplant, Policlinico University Hospital of Padova, 1995-1998: Chief Attending Division of general and vascular surgery, Vimercate General Hospital (MI), 1998-2001: Chief Attending Division vascular surgery and kidney transplantation , Policlinico University Hospital of Milan. 2001-2008: Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of General Surgery and Organ Transplantation. Div. of Vascular Surgery and Kidney Transplant. Policlinico- University Hospital, Milan. 2008: Associate Professor of Surgery, Chief Attending General Surgery Unit - University of Milan at the Saint Joseph Hospital, Milan Scientific Publications Prof. Ferraresso authored 123 publications on Italian and international magazines, 67 of which with I. F. He’s also referee for some International Journals on transplantation field : Transplantation Proceedings, Pediatric nephrology, Pediatric Transplantation, Medical Science Monitoring. Memberships: Italian society of transplantation, American Society of transplant surgeons, European society for organ transplantation, International Society of transplantation International Society of vascular access

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