Gopi K. Podila

The University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA

Gopi K. Podila RESEARCH INTERESTS Plant and Fungal Functional Genomics and Biotechnology; Environmental Genomics Recent Publications Podila G.K, Miller, R.M. 2008. Ecogenomics of mycorrhizal interactions mediated by Aspen Genome under elevated ozone and carbon dioxide. In “Genomics of Poplars” edited by DiFazio S and Joshi C.P. Science Publishers of Edenbridge (in press). Orlando, R Shah, P; Atwood, J; El Mubarek, H; Davis, M; Podila, G.K. 2008. Comparative Proteomic Analysis Of Botrytis Cinerea Secretome. J. Proteome Research (In Press). Jain P, Podila, G.K., Davis, M.R. 2008. Comparative analysis of non-classically secreted proteins In Botrytis cinerea and symbiotic fungus Laccaria bicolor. BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9(Suppl 10):O3 doi:10.1186/1471-2105-9-S10-O3 Jain P, Wadhwa P, Aygun R, Podila G.K. 2008. Vector-G: Multi-Modular Svm-Based Heterotrimeric G Protein Prediction. In Silico Biology 8, 0013. Martin F,…….Podila, G.K. et al. (Multiple Authors). 2008. The Genome Of Laccaria Bicolor Provides Insights Into Mycorrhizal Symbiosis. Nature 452:88-93. Cseke, L.J., Cseke, S.B., and Podila, G.K. 2007. High Efficiency Poplar Transformation. Plant Cell Rep, 26: 1529-1538. Cseke, L.J., Ravinder, N., Pandey, A.K., and Podila, G.K. 2007. Identification of PTM5 protein interaction partners, a MADS-box gene involved in aspen tree vegetative development. GENE, 391: 209-222. Gupta, P., Duplessis, S., White, H., Martin, F., Karnosky, D.F., Podila, G. K. Gene expression patterns of trembling aspen trees following long-term exposure to elevated CO2 and tropospheric O3. New Phytologist 2005 167(1): 129-142. Review Panels: The Italian Ministry for University and Research Grants Review. NIH-NIGMS-MBRS Genetics Panel USED-GAANN Program NSF-ASEE Graduate Research Fellowship program

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