Osamu Matsuo

Kinki University, Japan

Osamu Matsuo is a basic research scientist who majors blood fibrinolysis. After graduation from Kobe Medical College, Japan, he started the research work on cardiovascular system at Kobe Graduate University. He could measure successfully the interstitial fluid pressure in the brain (The Japanese Journal of Physiology, 1974). During his graduated course, he decided to be a basic scientist though he has the medical doctor’s license in Japan as well as USA (ECFMG certificate number 087-532-8). In 1972, he became an Assistant at the Department of Physiology, Kobe University School of Medicine, and then his interest moved from the cardiovascular system to its contents, that is, blood. In 1977, he was an Assistant Professor at Miyazaki Medical College, and since 1982, he has been an Associate Professor at Kinki University. His major is blood fibrinolysis. At that time, urokinase, plasminogen activator in urine, was approved to use to the patients with stroke, but its dosage was only 10000–20000 units. Since we have about 5 liters of blood, the blood concentration of urokinase was extremely low. So, he showed the evidence how low dosage of urokinase was ineffective. However, high dosage of urokinase is accompanied with brain haemorrhage, and he was influstrated. He then moved to the University of Leuven and worked together with Professor Desire Collen and Dr. Dick Riken to find out new thrombolytic agents. This project was very successful, because new plasminogen activator, tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA), was developed (Nature, 1981). At the present time, t-PA has been used for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction, bran stroke, deep vein thrombosis, and other thromboembolisms. He is now working on new role of fibrinolytic factors on tissue repair in brain as well as liver.

Biography Updated on 13 July 2009

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