Ryusuke Hatano

Hokkaido University, Japan

Ryusuke Hatano is a professor of Soil Science in the Division of Environmental Resources, Research faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University. He was born in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1956. He graduated from the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Hokkaido University in 1978 and he obtained his doctoral degree from the Division of Agricultural Chemistry of Hokkaido University in 1986. He contributed to the Department of Soil Science and Geology, Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands for 10 months in 1992 as a visiting researcher; and he worked for evaluating a bypass flow in soil by applying a fractal dimension theory to the image of pore structure. Since 1995, he has been In-Charge of the Soil Science Laboratory at Hokkaido University. He has worked for various international joint research projects related to nutrient cycling in ecosystems, nutrient discharge to streams, and greenhouse gas emissions from soil to atmosphere not only in Japan, but also in East Siberia, China, tropical peatlands in Indonesia and Malaysia. These projects are closely related to sustainable development. Different countries have various climate, ecosystems and soils. Therefore, he believes that a comparative study based on field monitoring is required for the achievement of sustainable development. He is interested in the study on nitrogen and carbon dynamics in a regional as well as basin scale which are combined with nitrogen and carbon budgets estimated from statistical data on agriculture. He has been a member of the Editorial Board of the Soil Science and Plant Nutrition and the International Agrophysics. He is a chair of Commission 4.3 - Soils and land use change - in International Union of Soil Science for four years from August in 2010. Biography Updated on 1 March 2010

Biography Updated on 11 March 2010

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