Falko P. Drijfhout

Keele University, United Kingdom


Falko P. Drijfhout serves as a Senior Lecturer of organic and analytical chemistry at the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences, the Keele University, UK. After his Ph.D. degree in identification of pheromones in the green capsid bug in 2001, he worked for two years at the Cornell University in the USA as a Postdoc of the identification of chemical cues used by Varroa mites in the bee hive. He then joined the Chemical Ecology group at the Keele University in 2003, first as a Postdoc and later as a Lecturer. He serves currently as the Head of the Chemical Ecology group in Keele where he is responsible for the chemical analysis, identification, and synthesis of semiochemicals. For the past 15 years, he has gained extensive experience in the analysis of these semiochemicals in insects, using a wide variety of instruments in analytical chemistry. He has a key interest in understanding cuticular hydrocarbon recognition systems in social insects, from the analysis and synthesis of the compounds themselves to their perception and effect on behavior. In recent years, he also applied his knowledge on cuticular hydrocarbons to the area of forensic entomology to aid postmortem interval calculations.

Biography Updated on 9 September 2012

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