Yannis Dimakopoulos

University of Patras, Greece

Yannis Dimakopoulos was born in 1974 in Patras, Greece. In 1997, he received his diploma in chemical engineering from the University of Patras (UP). In 2003, he obtained his M.S. degree with thesis “Simulation, optimization and control of processes” and his Doctoral diploma in chemical engineering. From 2005 to 2007, he was working as Adjunct Lecturer at UP. In 2007, he joined the Soft Tissue Engineering Group of TUe/BMT, working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the 3D simulation of tissue-engineered and bioprosthetic aortic valves. In March 2010, he returned to ChEng/UP working on various European projects. In February 2011, he was elected as an Assistant Professor in transport phenomena in ChEng/UP. He is a Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, the Greek Association of Chemical Engineers, the Hellenic Society of Rheology, the European Mechanics Society, and the Society of Plastic Engineers. He has participated in 9 European/national funded projects. He is author of 19 scientific articles in the top journals of fluid mechanics, rheology, chemical engineering, and computational/numerical science. He is also Referee in 13 international scientific journals. In 1998, he received a prize from the Technical Chamber of Greece in Athens for his performance as an undergraduate student. He has collaborated with ICEHT (1997) and UP (1997-2003). In 2005, he was awarded with a Two-Year Postdoctoral Fellowship from the IKY. Since 2007, his CV has been included in “Who is Who in the World” and “Who is Who in Science” publications. Professor Dimakopoulos' work is relevant with the numerical simulation of free surface flows with industrial and/or biological interest that exhibit memory-decay behaviors, developing advanced numerical algorithms based on parallel HPC techniques. His research focuses on the modeling and the numerical simulation of biological flows and soft tissues, and he is also working on the multiscale modeling of complex PSA materials.

Biography Updated on 23 March 2011

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