Igor A. Kossyi

Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

Kossyi Igor Antonovich, Professor of Physics, Head of Laboratory in the Prokhorov General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Date of birth:6 April, 1935. Field of specialization: Plasma Physics. Subfield of specialization: - Gas Discharge Physics; - Plasma Chemistry; - Electromagnetic field interaction with plasma; - Ecological applications of gas discharges. Among the main achievements are the following: - Among the first application of microwave diagnostic for plasma investigations; Discovery of a directed ion flux along the axis of the toroidal plasma magnetic trap; - Realizing of system of powerful microwave setups for investigation of discharges excited by microwave beams; - Discovery and investigation of highly efficient transformation of powerful microwave radiation into a steady current; - Discovery and investigation of a new type of microwave discharge: nonresonance secondary emissive electron discharge (nonresonance multipactor); - Discovery and investigation of a strong nonlinear stage of a thermal- ionizing instability of microwave discharge in a dense gases; - Experimentally discovery and investigation of toroidal shock wave cumulation in the gas medium; - Suggestion of a new methods of atmosphere cleansing from ozone destructing chlorofluorocarbons. Experimental discovering of a highly efficient gas-discharge cleansing of air from CFCs. Academic history: 1959- Graduated from Moscow Physical-Engineering Institute; 1968 - Ph. D. Degree (Plasma physics) from Lebedev Physical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences; 1990 - Doctor Physics Degree from General Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. Author and co-author more than 250 scientific publications.

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