Dagmar Triebel

Botanische Staatssammlung München, Germany

Dr. Dagmar TRIEBEL obtained her Ph.D. at the LMU University of Munich in 1989. The thesis was honored with the Mason E. Hale Award of the International Association for Lichenology (IAL). In 1989, she accepted a position as research scientist and later senior curator at the Botanische Staatssammlung München (i. e., M), one of the largest mycological collections worldwide. Dr. Triebel’s research focuses on the phylogeny and biodiversity of Ascomycota. Since 2006, she heads the IT Center of the Bavarian Natural History Collections (www.snsb.info). With her working group she manages projects in biodiversity informatics. Since 1995, she worked as co-editor with LIAS – A Global Information System for Lichenized and Non-lichenized Ascomycetes (www.lias.net); since 1998, DALI – Database of Ascomycete Literature (http://dali.botanischestaatssammlung.de); and since 1999, Diversity Workbench (www.diversityworkbench.net). In 2000, Mycology.Net – An Internet portal presenting information about diversity of fungi (www.mycology.net) was initiated, and in 2001, the online database IndExs – Index of Exsiccatae (http://indexs.botanischestaatssammlung.de). For the projects JSTOR Plant Science in Munich and the GBIF project Melastomataceae.Net (www.melastomataceae.net) Dr. Triebel organized the information technology. In the context of the Species 2000 Consortium, she acts as database curator for LIAS. For GBIF Germany, she is managing the Node for Fungi and Lichens (www.gbif-mycology.de) and is vice speaker of the participant nodes. Since 2003 she is member of the IAPT Permanent Nomenclature Committee for Fungi for the ICBN/ ICN. She is principal investigator of a project setting up a data flow for biological research data gained in the field to permanent storage and availability in a data repository (http://www.diversitymobile.net) and partner for establishing a data network of Natural History Collections in Germany.

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