Nicholas C. Popescu

National Cancer Institute, USA

Nicholas C. Popescu is a Cytogeneticist and cell Biologist, and conducts research on cancer molecular cytogenetics and molecular biology at the Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute (NCI), USA. He began his scientific career in 1965 at the Oncological Institute in Bucharest, Romania, where he later became the Chief of the Laboratory of Biology. His pioneering studies in cytogenetics of experimentally induced cancer were among the first worldwide ones and marked the beginning of a new field in cancer genetics. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in genetics from the University of Bucharest, Romania, in 1971, he joined NCI. He is currently the Chief of the Molecular Cytogenetics Section, Laboratory of Experimental Carcinogenesis at NCI. With the advent of advances in genomic and molecular biology, Dr. Popescu developed and applied new cutting edge technologies in cancer genetics and made major contributions to the understanding of the role of genomic alterations in neoplasia and mapping and identification of a number of important cancer-related genes, some of which led to cancer molecular targeted therapy. His contribution to cancer research and basic genetics is reflected in publications of more than 250 original articles. He is a recipient of several national and international awards. Dr. Popescu has served on the Editorial Board of Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics, Cytogenetics and Genome Research, International Journal of Oncology, Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, and Molecular Medicine Reports. He is also a Member of the American Association for Cancer Research, a Founding Member of the International Cytogenetic and Genome Research Society, and an Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Biography Updated on 30 June 2008

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