Rune Matthiesen

University of Porto, Portugal

User Biography : Dr Rune Matthiesen Dr. Matthiesen’s research is focused on the development of novel mass spectrometric (MS) and data analysis techniques for studying post translational modification signalling. Dr. Matthiesen have during his stay in the Protein Research Group in Odense, Denmark developed novel MS-based strategies for identification and quantitation of post translational modification such as phosphorylation, acetylation and glycosylation. These methods were published in collaborations with leading scientist in MS-based proteomics such as Professor Ole N Jensen and Professor Mathias Mann. The work is published in top proteomics journals such as “Molecular & Cellular Proteomics”, “Journal of Proteome Research” and “Proteomics”. Dr. Matthiesen has a single author paper in the Wiley journal Proteomics that is listed among the best cited. This paper was also assigned for the journal front page. Dr. Matthiesen has developed complete software for analysis of mass spectrometry data which includes support for raw data processing, database search, quantitation and meta analysis (VEMS The development version has in the last two years been extended with advanced meta analysis tools that associates results with large knowledge databases (not yet publicly available). In CIC bioGUNE, Spain, Dr. Matthiesen have furthermore developed novel bioinformatics tools for systematic characterization of results obtained from high throughput experiments by applying permutation statistic and hypergeometric distribution to find association in very large knowledge databases. This work has been published in top bioinformatics journals such as the Oxford journal Bioinformatics and BMC bioinformatics. In the two and half year at CIC bioGUNE, Dr. Matthiesen furthermore provided service, consulting and software development for local start up companies. Dr. Matthiesen has a total of 32 publications in international peer reviewed journals and 18 book chapters.

Biography Updated on 13 May 2012

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