Giorgio Lenaz

Università di Bologna, Italy

Giorgio Lenaz was born in Padua (Italy) on November 3, 1938. He obtained his Medical degree in 1962 with summa cum laude. He also obtained Docent degree (libera docenza) in biochemistry in 1968. Currently, he works as a Professor Emeritus at the University of Bologna. From 1989 to 2011, he served as a Full Professor of biochemistry at the Medical School of the University of Bologna, Italy. He had been a Full Professor of biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy (1979–1989). He is the author of more than 400 publications, has been invited as a speaker at over 70 international meetings, and is an invited author of 22 reviews and 71 chapters of books in the field of bioenergetics. His research mainly concerns with the structural and functional organization of the respiratory chain in mitochondria, in particular, the role of the coenzyme Q pool and its membrane diffusion in electron transfer; the presence and function of supercomplexes of the respiratory chain, in particular, concerning the mechanism of substrate channeling; mechanism of electron transfer and production of oxygen radicals by the respiratory chain, in particular, by complex I; role of mitochondria in pathological alterations, including cancer, and in aging in relation to the mitochondrial theory of aging.

Biography Updated on 29 April 2012

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