Mikihiro Fujiya

Asahikawa Medical University, Japan


Specialities: Gastroenterlogy, Commensal bacteria Recent publications 1. Fujiya M, et al. Image-enhanced endoscopy for the diagnosis of colon neoplasms. Gastrointest Endosc 77(1):111-118, 2013 2. Okamoto K, Fujiya M, et al. Competence and sporulation factor derived from Bacillus subtilis improves epithelial cell injury in intestinal inflammation via immunomodulation and cytoprotection. Int J Colorectal Diseases 27(8):1039-46, 2012. 3. Ueno N, Fujiya M, et al. Heat-killed body of Lactobacillus brevis SBC8803 ameliorates intestinal injury in a murine model of colitis by enhancing the intestinal barrier function. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 17(11):2235-50, 2011. 4. Sato R, Fujiya M, et al. The diagnostic accuracy of high-resolution endoscopy, autofluorescence imaging and narrow-band imaging for differentially diagnosing colon adenoma. Endoscopy 43(10):862-8, 2011. 5. Kashima S, Nata T, Fujiya M, et al. Obscure gastrointestinal bleeding from vascular lesions formed by venous and lymphatic congestion due to post-operative adhesion and subsequent mesenteric torsion 50 years after appendectomy. Gut 60 (10):1344, 2011. 6. Segawa S, Fujiya M, et al. Probiotic-derived polyphosphate enhances the epithelial barrier function and maintains intestinal homeostasis through integrin-p38 MAPK pathway. PloS One 6 (8): e23278, 2011. 7. Fujiya M, et al. Cytokine Regulation of OCTN2 Expression and Activity in Small and Large Intestine. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 17(4):907-16, 2011. 8. Hu S, Ciancio MJ, Lahav M, Fujiya M, et al. Translational Inhibition of Colonic Epithelial Heat Shock Proteins by IFN-? and TNF-a in Intestinal Inflammation. Gastroenterology 133 (6); 1893-1904, 2007. 9. Fujiya M, et al. The Bacillus subtilis quorum sensing molecule, CSF, contributes to intestinal homeostasis via OCTN2, a host cell membrane transporter. Cell Host and Microbe 1 (4): 299-308, 2007.

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