Roland J. Pieters

Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Roland J. Pieters studied organic chemistry at the University of Groningen, and gained his M.S. degree in 1990, where he worked on metal complexes with Professor Ben Feringa. During his studies, he was also an exchange research student with Professor Mike Doyle at the Trinity University, San Antonio, Tex, USA, on the development of chiral rhodium catalysts. He completed his Ph.D. degree, which is gained in 1995, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he worked with Professor Julius Rebek Jr. on enzyme-like catalysis with synthetic receptors. Following postdoctoral stays at the ETH-Zürich (with Professor François Diederich) working on enantioselective synthetic receptors and at the University of Groningen (with Professors Kellogg and Janssen) working on enzymatic catalysis, he joined the Department of Medicinal Chemistry as an Assistant Professor in 1998. In addition, he became an Associate Professor in 2005. His current research interests include multivalency, carbohydrate recognition, glycochips and (glyco) proteomics. The multivalent carbohydrates (glycodendrimers) are applied to the inhibition of bacterial toxins and bacterial adhesion, the bacterial adhesion inhibition is explored as an alternative for antibiotics, and the multivalent antimicrobial peptides are studied for enhanced activities. The natural antifungal agents based on carbohydrates are modified for new and improved properties. In studies of proteomics, chemical probes are developed combining recognition with photoaffinty labeling to identify specific proteins or protein subclasses.

Biography Updated on 15 September 2008

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