Osvaldo D. Uchitel

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Osvaldo D. Uchitel was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1947. He received his Medical and Ph.D. degrees in physiology from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) (1976). He did his postdoctoral training at the Department of Biophysics, University College London studying the properties of acetylcholine receptor channels in normal and myasthenic patients (1978–1982). He returned to Argentina and reopened the Electrophysiology Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine, UBA. He was a Visiting Professor at Baylor College of Medicine where in collaboration with Dr S. H. Appel, demonstrated that immunoglobulins from ALS patients alter transmitter release at neuromuscular junction. In 1988, Uchitel was a Visiting Professor at the Department of Neurology of the Mayo Clinic, where he set up the electrophysiological techniques to study neuromuscular transmission and described new congenital myasthenic syndromes, in collaboration with Dr. A. Engel. In 1995, Uchitel was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. He became a Full Professor of biology at the School of Science, UBA, and he was promoted top position at the Scientific Research Career in Argentina (1998). Over the last 15 years, his research was focused on calcium channels transmitter release at mammalian neuromuscular junction and at central nervous system synapses. More recently, he studied synaptic transmission in murine models of calcium channelopathies (migraine, ataxia, and epilepsy). In 2001, he founded and became Director of the IFIBYNE, Institute of Physiology, Molecular Biology and Neurosciences, UBA-CONICET. In 2006, he was awarded the Bernardo Houssay Award by the Argentinean Ministry of Education in recognition to his contribution to research and education in neuroscience. During the last 20 years, he was member of different science programs evaluation committees in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

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