Maritza Paez

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Chile

MARITZA PAEZ is Full-Professor, Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, University of Santiago de Chile, Mc in Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, University of Santiago de Chile, CHILE (1986) and Ph.D. in Corrosion Science and Engineering, Corrosion and Protection Centre, School of Materials, University of Manchester, UK (1992). She has published over 50 papers and 3 book chapters. She is also member of the Editorial Board of the Scientific World Journal (Chemical Engineering). Her research was initially focused on anodizing of aluminium, with particular emphasis on understanding mechanisms of anodic film growth. From these precise studies, the first model on film growth on a binary Al-Cu alloy was established. Later, experimental and theoretical studies on corrosion inhibition by organic compounds, particularly on copper, aluminium and stainless steel, were progressed, with detailed analysis of the factors essential for metal-organic compound interaction and consequently, on inhibitor efficiency for corrosion control. Also, she is working in the area of coatings for the protection of aluminum alloys, which are alternatives to those based on chromium. Recently, her work has been focused on understanding the phenomena associated with microbiologically influenced corrosion on stainless steels and aluminum alloys for aircraft applications. The group has maintained an intensive and productive collaboration with Dr.Zagal, Director of the Molecular Electrocatalysis Group, working mainly on modified metallic surfaces for electrocatalysis. Regarding international collaboration, a close scientific relation has been developed with Dr. Thompson from the Corrosion and Protection Centre in the School of Materials of The University of Manchester and recently, with Dr. Tribollet from the Marie Curie University in Paris. As a result of the collaboration with Dr Thompson, Dr.Páez received an award for the best paper published in Corrosion Science (1996).

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