Mirella Falconi

Università di Bologna, Italy


Mirella Falconi graduated from the School of Medicine in Bologna, Italy. She received a Ph.D. degree in cytomorphology from the University of Rome, Rome, Italy, and an M.S. degree in biocompatibility and biomaterials from the Medical School of Bologna, Italy. She is an Assistant Researcher in the C.N.R and an Associate Professor of human anatomy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy. Her research projects are mainly focused on ultrastructural analysis of chromatin and chromosomes and proteins involved in DNA structure and replication. In the last years, she focused her attention on dentinal tissues and investigated the relationship between adhesive materials and dentin matrix. By the use of the FEISEM and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), she described the ultramorphological structure of the dentin collagen fibrils after different acid etching treatments. She is also interested in studies of new scaffold for regenerative medicine in osteogenic and chondrogenic diseases and in drug delivery systems.

Biography Updated on 17 October 2013

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