Nam-Jong Paik

Seoul National University, Republic of Korea


Nam Jong Paik received his M.D. degree from Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea and Ph.D. degree in preventive medicine from the same university. He did his residency training in rehabilitation medicine at the Seoul National University Hospital. At SNUH, he did a 2-year clinical fellowship, studying neurorehabilitation and clinical neurophysiology. In 2001, he became an Assistant Professor at the College of Medicine, Seoul National University, and now he is an Associate Professor. From 2005 to 2006, he studied brain plasticity in stroke patients at Human Cortical Physiology Section at NINDS/NIH as a Visiting Fellow. The mission of his research is to develop novel therapeutic approaches for restoration of function in human and to understand these mechanisms. He is also interested in improving function in the elderly. The principal diseases studied are stroke, dementia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and aging, and the principal symptoms he is studying are weakness, sensory loss, dysphagia, spasticity, cognitive dysfunction, excretory dysfunction, pain, and so forth. His work recently focuses on developing rational therapeutic strategies to improve function and learning ability in stroke patients and understanding mechanisms of human neuroplasticity. For evaluation, he employs techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), electromyography (EMG), evoked potential (EP), and neuroimaging.

Biography Updated on 5 December 2010

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