Andrew DeBenedictis

Simon Fraser University, Canada

Dr. DeBenedictis is currently a Senior Lecturer in Simon Fraser University. Got B.Sc. from University of British Columbia, M.Sc. from Windsor, anf Ph. D. from Simon Fraser University. Current main focus is in various aspects of quantum gravity with concentration on the loop approach. Other areas of interest: Quantum effects in black holes, Black hole interiors, Higher dimensional space-times, Universe models with ordinary matter and exotic dark matter/energy, Detailed mathematical studies of the spherically symmetric gravitational field equations, The cosmological Einstein-perfect fluid-scalar field equations and a development for the solution of the Cauchy problem in this system, Modifications to Einstein gravity, Relativistic particle, fluid and plasma mechanics coupled to weak-field relativistic gravity, Gravastars as an alternative to black holes, and Topological boundary conditions in loop quantum gravity.

Biography Updated on 21 March 2011

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