Armando Rossello

Università di Pisa, Italy

Armando Rossello was born in Messina, Italy (1955). He graduated in pharmacy at the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1981. After a fellowship in medicinal chemistry at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pisa University (1981–1985), he became an Assistant Professor at the same department, in 1986–1988, and then he was appointed as an Associate Professor of drug chemistry in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the same university (Pisa, since 1988). He is currently a Lecturer of analytic chemistry, drugs analysis I (inorganic drugs analysis), drugs analysis III (organic drugs analysis), and chemistry and design of contrast agents for imaging in the courses of chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies and drugs quality control (since 1988). Rossello is the Head of the Departmental NMR Service (since 2005) and the President of the Faculty Library (since 1993). His sectors of major interest are medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis (asymmetric synthesis, heterocyclic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, and MW synthesis). His research areas concern the chemistry of beta-lactams and SAR studies of beta-lactam antibiotics, adrenergic drugs, antinflammatory drugs, and inhibitors of some enzymes among which serine proteases and zinc enzymes, such as bacterial transpeptidases, human leukocyte elastase, and matrix metalloproteinases. He is the author of more than 70 scientific papers on the principal journals of chemistry and medicinal chemistry and some patents. He has been the scientific responsible for several research projects granted both by MIUR and pharmaceutical companies. Moreover, Rossello is the Vice President of the NeuroCare-Onlus, an Italian Association on ALS (since 2008), and a Member of the Italian Chemical Society since 1981.

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