Augusto Pessina

University of Milan, Italy


Augusto Pessina was born in Monza, Milan, Italy (1945). Pessina graduated in biological science from the University of Milan, Milan, Italy, and received the Ph.D. degree in medical microbiology. Pessina was appointed by the National Board of Education of Italy for studying the effect of Dioxine (TCDD) on immune system of children exposed to the toxic in Seveso (1976-1981). He is Head of the Cell Laboratory Culture, Institute of Medical Microbiology, University of Milan, Professor of microbiology in the academic courses for Obstetrician, Ophthalmology, Nurse, Medical Laboratory Technician, and Dental Hygienist (Faculty of Medicine, University of Milan). Pessina was also External Examiner for Ph.D. thesis at the School of Biological Sciences, National Cell and Tissue Culture Centre Dublin City University (Ireland) (1994,2011). Pessina was Representative of the division "Cancer Sensitivity and Drug Resistance" of the European Tissue Culture Society (ETCS) (1994-98), Chairman of the Italian Committee of the “3rd World Congress on Alternatives and Animal use in life science,” Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the NICB of Dublin City University ( Ireland) (2001-2005), and President of the Italian Association for Cell Culture (AICC) (2007-2010). Pessina was Scientifically responsible of these projects: in vitro system for testing haematotoxicity; inhibition of CFU-E/BFU-E by different classes of chemicals: a comparative study on direct effects on progenitors and the effect on long-term exposure of bone marrow; in vitro tests for haematotoxicity: prevalidation and validation of GM-CFU assay for predicting acute neutropenia; development and prevalidation of the in vitro assays for the prediction of thrombocytopenia; purification and regulation of haematopoietic stem cells: in vitro studies; plasticity of adult stem cells in cord blood; prevalidation of rat CFU-GM assay; transplant of adult stem cells in regenerative cellular therapy (Blood Plan Lombardia); role of human mesenchymal stem cells in tumor angiogenesis (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro).

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