Fernando Porcelli

Universita' della Tuscia, Italy


Fernando Porcelli is an Associate Professor of physical chemistry at the Department for Innovation in Biological, Agro-Food and Forestry Systems, University of Tuscia. The research in the lab is mainly focused (i) to understand the structure and function relationship of antimicrobial peptides, (ii) to study the chemistry and biochemistry of the interactions between organotins compounds and biological dithiols, and (iii) to study the possibility of using metal ion coordination to induce a specific conformation in short peptides to design enzyme inhibitors. Over the past years, they determined, by NMR spectroscopy, the structure and the orientation of pardaxin, a ichthyotoxic peptide isolated from fish mucous gland, and the structure and topology of monomeric and dimeric magainins involved in selective bacterial cell membrane disruption, and they were the first to determine the structure of the whole LL-37, the only cathelicidin peptide found in humans.

Biography Updated on 31 July 2011

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