Shoshi Kikuchi

National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Japan

Shoshi Kikuchi has graduated the Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo in 1978 and completed his Ph.D in 1983. Getting the position in Plant Virus Institute, then the institute was reorganized to the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences. From 1988-1989, he visited Institute fuer Genbiologische Forschung (Berlin-West) (AG. Prof Lothar Willmitzer) as a guest scientist and performed the molecular biological analysis of patatin genes in potato. After that, his research thema is the stress response in plant. In 1999, as one of rice genomics project, the microarray project was launched and contributed to the establishment of the cDNA-based rice microarray system. In 2000-2003, in the rice full-length cDNA collection and sequence analysis project with RIKEN and FAIS research groups, totally 38K rice full-length cDNA clones were collected and sequenced. Based on these data, 60mer-oligo based microarray system was also established. Using this microarray system, many kinds of stress transcriptome analyses have been done by collaborating many research groups in the world. In 2007-2012, in rice virus transcriptome project, host response by the infection of nine rice viruses has been analysed. He has made the massive collection of the rice full-length cDNA clones with RIKEN and FAIS research groups and also established the rice microarray systems. By making the gene family analysis of transcription factor genes such as NAC and AP2/EREBP, he has been contributed the functional annotation of rice genes.

Biography Updated on 17 November 2011

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