Nadia Alfaidy

Université Joseph Fourier, France


Dr. Nadia ALFAIDY is a researcher at the INSERM U1036 institute (National Institute of health and medical research). Her Laboratory is located the CEA (Commissariat of Atomic Energy) and she is affiliated to the University Joseph Fourier. She received her PhD degree from Paris VII University and completed her postdoctoral fellow ship at the University of Toronto. Dr. Alfaidy’s research has contributed in a fundamental manner to advances in placental endocrinology and to the hormonal mechanisms in pregnancy leading to clinical labour. Her studies have uncovered some of the key roles of steroids and prostaglandis in the birth process and have elucidated some of the current concepts of the autocrine and paracrine regulations in women. Since March 2003 Dr. Alfaidy’ s research has been focused on the understanding of the mechanisms of the development of Peeclampsia, the most common cause of retarded fetal development. Dr. Alfaidy studies angiogenic factors, in particular the new angiogenic factor EG-VEGF, and its potential implication in the development of the pathology of Preeclampsia. Dr Alfaidy serves on various grant review including NIH and ANR.

Biography Updated on 11 June 2013

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