Louis Gosselin

Université Laval, Canada


Louis Gosselin received his B.S. degree in physics (1998) and his M.S. degree in chemical engineering (2001) from Université de Sherbrooke (Canada). He completed his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering in 2004 at Duke University (USA). In 2004, Gosselin joined Université Laval (Quebec City, Canada), where he currently serves as a Professor of mechanical engineering. Gosselin has developed different types of analytical and numerical models of heat transfer and energy systems, as well as optimization methods for designing these systems. Over the years, he has worked on topics such as geothermal energy, thermal solar energy, energy efficient buildings, fenestration and smart windows, industrial energy efficiency, primary production of aluminum, waste heat recovery, baking furnaces, thermoelectricity, heat exchanger design, protection of infrastructures built on permafrost, and solid-liquid phase change. Gosselin is currently holding the Leadership in Teaching Chair on Sustainable Development Engineering at Université Laval.

Biography Updated on 26 December 2012

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