Shairaz Baksh

University of Alberta, Canada

I was awarded a B.Sc. in Biochemistry (University of Alberta) in 1990 and a Ph. D. in Pediatrics (University of Alberta) in 1995. Current positions held include Assistant Professor (Pediatrics) and Adjunct Assistant Professor (Oncology and Biochemistry). After leaving the University of Alberta, I specialized in immune and transplant signaling at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. I followed this by a two year stay at Cancer Research UK in London, England before returning back to Boston for two years and then home to Edmonton in 2005.Our research projects include a molecular understanding of both cancer initiation and progression. We are interested in understanding cell death (apoptotic) regulatory networks and how they rid the body of abnormal or damaged cells. We would like to investigate ways to re-activate apoptosis in cancer cells in order to induce them to die. Our disease focus will include metastatic breast cancer, colorectal cancer and leukemia.We are also interested in understanding the molecular link between chronic inflammation and cancer. About 1/3 of all cancers arise due to prior state of chronic inflammation. A link between cancer and inflammation has been known although we are just beginning to understand the molecular signaling players involved and if epigenetics plays a role. Disease focus will include the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease/colorectal cancer and primary sclerosing cholangitis/cholangiocarcinoma, a chronic liver disease caused by progressive inflammation and scarring of the bile ducts of the liver that can lead to cholangiocarcinoma or carcinoma of the bile ducts. Expertise includes calcium signaling, apoptosis, cancer biology, animal transgenic models, epigenetics and cell cycle analysis and inflammation signaling.

Biography Updated on 15 March 2012

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