Jeng-Jiann Chiu

National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

Chiu has been characterized as a bioengineer equipped with a broad academic background of multi-disciplines in vascular biology, mechanobiology, cellular and molecular biology, and tissue engineering. His research goal is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of the regulation of vascular functions, with a special emphasis on the transduction of mechanical stimuli, such as blood flow-induced shear stress and complex flow pattern, into intracellular signaling and the ensuing gene expression and functional responses in health and disease. A multidisciplinary, integrative approach is used that combines engineering and biomedical sciences, including nanotechnology, DNA microarrary, cell biophysics, biomechanics, and ex vivo and in vivo research on cardiovascular system. Chiu’s research has significant implications in the understanding of the interplays between cellular/molecular and mechanical factors in the modulation of inflammatory state and atherogenesis of the vasculature. Such studies have important bearings on a variety of key clinical disorders such as myocardial infarction, stroke and intermittent claudication.

Biography Updated on 26 January 2012

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