Maria Laura Bacci

Università di Bologna, Italy

Maria Laura Bacci is a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM), and she has more than 20 years of research experiences in the area of assisted reproduction and biotechnology in farm animals. Bacci has received the Ph.D. degree in animal reproduction physiology. She is also a Professor of endocrinology and reproductive biotechnology at the University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy. In particular, her researches have been focused on endocrine control of ovulation, pregnancy, and parturition in domestic species. Studies have been focused also on reproductive biotechnology like in vitro maturation of oocytes, in vitro fertilization, micromanipulation of oocytes and embryos, embryo transfer, surgical insemination, and animal transgenesis. Since 1994, Bacci has been actively involved in producing transgenic pigs utilizing the sperm-mediated gene transfer method. In the last period, she was involved in the study of cellular mechanisms of adaptation to adverse environmental condition as well as in the study regarding the possibility of immunological response modulation in swine as biomedical model.

Biography Updated on 18 June 2009

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