Carolina Escobar

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico

Carolina Escobar obtained a B.S. degree in psychology by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City, México, and the M.S. degree and Ph.D. degree in physiological sciences also by the same university. Escobar is full time Senior Professor at the Anatomy Department in the Faculty of Medicine UNAM and directs a laboratory for basic research on circadian rhythms, food intake, and metabolism and at the present time coordinates the research programs of the department. She is Member of the National Research System in Mexico, the National Academy of Medicine, and the Mexican Academy of Sciences. She was Vice-President and President of the Physiology Society in Mexico (2008–2011). The main contributions of her laboratory have been on the behavioral, metabolic and brain mechanisms of food entrainment, and on metabolic effects due to circadian disruption. Her work is based on rodent models and contributes to basic science. Her group described mechanisms of circadian entrainment by palatable food, which now can partly explain addictive behavior. Her data on circadian disruption have provided evidence of the negative effects of food and activity during the rest phase, which has provided a new perspective of the circadian system as a key process for homeostasis or when disrupted as a factor leading to obesity. She has 55 publications in indexed journals and 15 in Mexican journals, also other publications in news papers and local publications aimed at the lay public. She has written 22 book chapters and 2 book, resulting in more than 1000 citations. She has participated as invited for special numbers for the journals Biological Rhythms Research and Ciencia from the Mexican Academy of Sciences. She has been invited to more tan 60 symposia and conferences, including to a Gordon Conference on Pineal Research (2012). She teaches at the Medical Faculty and at the Psychology Faculty and participates in Postgraduate Programs for Biomedical and Biological Sciences.

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